With an everlasting goal of empowering women to live, look, and feel their best, Team Koral was excited to band together with VIPink for Bright Pink, one of the most influential voices in breast and ovarian cancer awareness. For the month of October, Koral is uniting with a powerful team of brands in support of Bright Pink’s mission to save women’s lives from breast and ovarian cancer by empowering them to live proactively.

When Team Koral began exploring the facts, we were surprised to learn that 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer at some point in her lifetime. But as we started talking amongst ourselves, we realized how much breast cancer has actually touched each one of our own lives and those we deeply care about. One thing we all learned is that the more you know, the less you fear, and the easier it is to fight.

Throughout the month of October and along with Bright Pink, Koral will join the #ActOnFacts social conversation to draw attention to a newly envisioned movement around preventative education. Along with social content initiatives, Creative Director Ilana Kugel has created two limited edition pieces that will be sold to raise funds for this exciting movement. 20% of this exclusive collection’s October sales will be donated to help fund the ongoing educational across the country.

“Staying active and keeping a healthy routine are essential to personal longevity, but being educated on prevention is equally important.” Kugel goes on to say that the Koral family “has made a new commitment to use the brand’s influence to create change and this month it’s about helping shine a Bright Pink light on an organization that is making a huge difference through breast cancer awareness and education.”     

Team Koral loves when we can inspire our fans with our QOTD’s, but we couldn’t be more passionate in asking everyone to share this exceptionally important message. Bright Pink has created a simple tool to help you assess your personal level of risk by looking at your health and family history alongside some of your lifestyle choices. You’ll not only learn more about your risk, but also about the actions you can take to reduce it. 

You have the power to save your life and help save the lives of others. Join the conversation with the hashtag #ActOnFacts and help Koral go VIPink for Bright Pink in the battle against breast and ovarian cancer.