our commitment

Creative Director & Founder Ilana Kugel

“Living an active lifestyle is all about making healthy choices, and how our clothing is made is no exception. That’s why we—and everyone we partner with—go above and beyond to minimize our environmental impact.”

Behind every Koral piece is a promise to do good by mother nature. That means every single detail, down to the thread on your hangtags, is intentionally selected to be the most environmentally conscious. Not only do we source eco-friendly trims, but the mills and factories we use to make our clothing also prioritize sustainability. When you step into our styles, we want you to feel like you’re also taking a step towards a better future—for you and our planet.


You are the company you keep. Which means all of our friends (a.k.a our factories and mills) are highly-vetted to live up to our standards. In fact, we kind of live up to theirs since they are doing some big things. Think extensive electricity and water reduction, and a recycling plan for excess materials. They also source their water from a local river, and return it (treated, of course) once they are done.
Sustainably-made in the USA using solar panel technology
70% less water consumption by cleaning and reusing water
Made with biodegradable fabric to reduce landfill waste


Only the highest quality and environmentally-friendly fabrics make the cut when it comes to our design process. Case in point: our newest Koral Blackout™ Fabric that’s biodegradable (within just 3 years!) and durable at the same time. That means it will hold up longer from wear to wear, but if you decide to toss it, it won’t fill up our landfills. Genius, right?