Fabric Technology


Recognizable by its alluring opaque shine, Infinity's beauty extends beyond its luxurious second skin surface. Developed with stretch fiber technology, Xtra Life LYCRA® Sport and Intimate LYCRA® provides lightweight, flattering support and muscle support without sacrificing comfort. It also prevents fabric deterioration and shape loss that comes with exposure to chlorine during swimming or washing.


Our new fabric, Koral Blackout™, offers incredible support, durable stretch and high compression, increasing oxygen delivery to active muscles and reduces lactic acid build-up and muscle fatigue.  Soft and smooth, Blackout has a moisture management finish that swiftly wicks away perspiration to keep you cool, confident and comfortable through high-endurance workouts.


Our lofty, low sheen double knit scuba fabric is made of finely spun fibers, which are extremely smooth and structured. With great stretch and resiliency, similar to characteristics of neoprene, this fabric is perfect for creating soft volume. Moreover, scuba effortlessly molds to the body creating a slimming shape without constriction. Lightweight yet extremely warm, scuba is ideal for seamlessly transitioning you from season to season.


Breezy and effortless, our silky Tencel® jersey drapes the body in cool softness. Botanic in origin and extremely ecofriendly, Tencel® textiles are more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen. With everlasting color and incredible sheen, our Tencel® jersey pieces retain exceptional brilliance through repeated washings and wear.


Extremely soft and luxurious, our jacquard fabrics feature a raised patternwoven into the fabric, creating a textured non-print, printed effect. Innovative performance features like compression, flexibility and moisture absorption solidify our jacquard fabric as not only beautiful, but functional. The Amni Polyamide yarn used in jacquard knitting feature UV protection that delivers maximum coverage for UV-A and UV-B rays with UPF 50+, guarding the skin against the adverse effects from the sun.


Uninhibiting, durable and extremely comfortable, powermesh provides pliable support in our sports performance bras and leggings.


Our anti-pilling fabrics guarantee resistance to abrasion to keep your garment looking smooth and refined over time.

Chlorine Resistant

Our Chlorine Resistant technology withstands against fabric deterioration and shape loss that comes with exposure to chlorine during swimming or washing.

Color Absolute

Color Absolute fabrics ensure your garments will retain their brilliant colors and vibrant prints through workouts and washings.


Our Compression technology is developed to help improve your mobility, increase oxygen delivery to active muscles, reduce lactic acid build-up, and deter muscle fatigue.


H20 garments feel like your second skin. Developed for training or play, our water-safe wear are fit for traversing from studio to terrain to sea.

Moisture Wicking

Our Moisture Movement system swiftly wicks perspiration off your skin and out to the exterior of the fabric, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable in sweltering heat or strenuous workouts.

Quick Dry

Our Quick Dry garments rapidly absorb and release moisture to accelerate the evaporative drying rate, keeping your body temperature balanced so you can stay comfortable and focused on your workout.

Easy Care

Our Easy Care garments are machine washable and dryable, requiring little to no special care. However, due to specific style construction, it is always highly recommended to follow the interior care label.

UV Protection

Our UV Protection fabrics are developed with advanced fiber technology and weave structure, offering the ultraviolet protective properties of SPF 50+ to inhibit adverse exposure to the sun.


Our fabrics treated with antibacterial coating don't allow disease-causing bacteria to stick to and grow on their surface - creating an infection and odor free environment.


Our Tencel jersey is derived from eco-friendly resources and is sustainably produced using less water and energy.