Vejo Bestseller Starter Kit

$ 145
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The perfect introduction to Vejo. The Vejo Portable Blender Starter Kit comes complete with everything you need to enjoy your Vejo Portable Pod-Based Blender, plus a variety pack consisting of our most popular blends. Sample them all, then re-order your favorites!

1 Vejo

8 Blends

2 Clean Greens

2 Banana Almond

2 Pina Greens

2 Pacific Northwest Tart Berry

Nutrition, meet convenience.
Organic fruit smoothies, immune-boosters & more in 30 seconds. Anytime, anywhere.
What's Inside
  • Vejo’s portable, pod-based blender in Jet Black
  • Charger & Cleaning Brush
  • Clean Greens blend x2
  • Banana Almond blend x2
  • Piña Greens blend x2
  • Pacific Northwest Tart Berry blend x2
  • Koral Lustrous Legging in Black
  • Koral Aerate Tank in Black